Friday, August 29, 2014

Tentacle Embrace

My first short story is now online, hurray! Eep.

Mary didn't move to Twilit Falls to hook up with any of the supernatural creatures that live there, she's just hoping for a fun night out. She meets a number of hot werewolves and hits it off with an alluring man named Seth, but her night is about to take a turn for the worse. Part of the pack has turned feral, and there are things in the night far more dangerous than werewolves.

[Erotica, urban fantasy, M/F, werewolves, tentacles.]

Wednesday, August 27, 2014


Hello, internet!

I'm a bunch of different things, like everyone is. What matters here is that I'm someone who likes reading and writing erotica that are a little on the weird end. Over the next several months I'll be putting up some of my stories, so you can see what that means for yourself. But if you want a little more detail...

I write my own personal kinks, so that's what you'll be seeing. I started off thinking I'd do mostly female POV characters, but ended up writing some guys, too. All my stories will be M/F (sorry M/M fans! love you too) and fairly explicit about everything. While fun characters and scenarios are what really engage me, there will definitely be hot scenes in each story. There won't be any rape in my stories, but I do think it's fun to get to happy sex in weird ways, sometimes including odd consensuality. See "Zombie Wife" once I have it up for a good example.

I spend a lot of time dreaming up stories, but until recently I haven't sat down to write them. This summer I finally put some of them to paper (err, to screen?) and decided to throw them out into the world. If people are encouraging, when the students are off for winter vacation I'll try to write up more of them. I have a lot of ideas I'm itching to write, but it's hard to find time for real writing these days. *sadness*

Well, those are the basics about me. If I can manage not to screw up cover-making, I'll be putting out my first set of stories starting next week. Hope to hear from you!

Hear from you because you like my stories, not because you think they're too weird to be sexy.

God, I'm so nervous.