Tuesday, March 31, 2015


If you like my writing and want me to write your exact fantasy, this is the page for you! I'm known for erotica and I'm putting this page up because of erotica commissions, but in theory I'm willing to hear you out on any idea you want written. ^-^

I've mostly written fantasy, science fiction, and horror so far, but I'm perfectly willing to do normal real-world stories provided I think the story concept will work for my writing style. You can see some of the commissions I've already done here:

Sample Commissions
Breeding Trials (and the many sequels)
Being the Babysitter
The Cat in Latex (Literotica | Archive of Our Own | Adult-fanfiction.org)
$20 for each 1000 words (final, not draft)
$40 for each 1000 words if you wish to buy the copyright
Additional fees to be discussed if you want heavy rewrites or something unusual

Unless we know each other, payment happens 50% up front (based on the size of the story you want) and the rest upon completion (the second payment could be smaller or larger based on the final story size after the whole process). In theory there's no upper limit on wordcount, if you want to pay for it. Probably more reasonable to do anything large in installments, though, for both our sakes. ^^

Under normal circumstances, I will wait a while (exact time negotiable) then put the story up online. If you buy the copyright, the story is yours and will never be put online anywhere you don't want.

Why that price?

Writing is hard and slow sometimes. I can generally write 500 words per hour (of finished content). I'd like to do a little better than minimum wage, so I started with the idea of $10/hour. Multiply that out and you get my rate. That's significantly lower than some other writers you'll find, so hopefully I don't come off as pretentious.


If I decide I cannot complete the project, I'll refund you everything the credit card companies didn't take. If you decide to cancel your order before we begin revising, I'll refund based on how much I haven't written.
0% written = 100% refund
25% written = 80% refund
50% written = 60% refund
75% written = 40% refund
100% written = 20% refund

What do you write?

You can see my personal interests in my big projects, but I'm willing to write quite a bit more. The question is what I can write well enough for you to be interested in reading it. ^^

Stories based on established properties are fine, but my familiarity varies. I do a fair bit of gaming, but obviously I can't play everything. I'm a comics reader, but I read more DC than Marvel. I'm pretty well-read in SF/F, but the field is so huge I can't have read everything. My anime/manga habits are a little eclectic, but there's a decent chance I'll be familiar with any given series. I'm not up on a lot of the popular TV shows, so I'm not qualified to write on many of those.

Some fetishes I have nothing against, but don't really understand. I'm happy to try to write them, but I can't say for sure I'll really capture what you like about it. When people have asked for commissions in these categories, I've gone to read other samples in order to inform my writing. I'm also willing to do research if you really want a piece based on some obscure comic or episode, but I'll charge my usual rate for that... if anyone ever chooses that option. I do like obscure stuff, but I don't know if anyone would think that's worth it.

Outside my usual: FxF, BDSM
Things I don't really get: snuff, scat, vore, waterplay
Things I think I write poorly: MxM, bimbofication