Friday, February 27, 2015

Wet Dream Planet: the Complete Series

The complete series in a single volume!


Life on starships leaping between planets can be long and lonely. Just when Minissa thinks she's found a guy worth more than a fling, their mission goes horribly wrong. The planet they're orbiting is filled with raging alpha males and submissive females... and the crew has been infected. As the humans explore a bizarre new planet, they have no choice but to adapt to its laws. Can true love triumph in the midst of such chaotic lust?

[Erotica, science fiction, M/F, aliens, dubcon.]

Friday, February 13, 2015

Wet Dream Planet 8

The thrilling conclusion! For now!


In the thrilling conclusion to the Wet Dream Planet saga, Minissa and Staven have no choice but to fight for their lives and sanity on the planet of insane lust. The conflict between soldiers and natives comes to a head with Staven in the center of the conflict, but Minissa's quest to recover her lab may hold the real key to their escape. But she's been followed by a relentless enemy and time is running out...

[Erotica, science fiction, M/F, dubcon.]

Friday, February 6, 2015

Zombie Wife Collection

The whole story in one collection!


These zombies are hungry for sex, not brains! A loving couple is separated as their city becomes an undead orgy: Devin must struggle to survive and resist temptation, while Alice tries to keep her mind and her love alive as she slowly becomes a zombie. Can their marriage survive even after death? And if it does, can they possibly make it out alive when hordes of zombies, violent gangs, and sinister corporations stand in their way?

[Complete novel, erotica, horror, zombies, M/F, dubcon, multiple partners.]