Saturday, September 12, 2015

Breeding Trials 006


As their pregnancies progress, the women at BangCorps have to endure new trials. Some are going back to the breeding chambers, others have to watch new friends join them, and some are left alone and frustrated...

Friday, July 24, 2015

Breeding Trials 005

Getting to chapter five! There's not much more written ahead of this, but I hope to have more for you soon.


The women at BangCorps thought their ordeal was over when they were finally impregnated by monsters. But their corporate masters aren't satisfied with just that. No, some of them have to go back to the breeding chambers... and some of them have to help breed others.

[Erotica, monsters, dubcon, cyberpunk.]

Friday, July 10, 2015

Fatal Seduction 2

The first Fatal Seduction was one of my favorite little stories, but it didn't sell so well. You have no idea how happy I am that someone commissioned a sequel! Lots of fun to revisit the concept and characters. ^-^


When a foolish teenager summons a succubus, Sarah knows she has to take out the threat. But there's nothing wrong with having a little fun first... right?

[Erotica, urban fantasy, M/F, succubus, short.]

Friday, June 26, 2015

Breeding Trials 004

Chapter four, tying it all together. ^-^


BangCorps has finally assembled a small group of women who have successfully bred with their monsters. Elizabeth, Keva, and Regine are caught up in the vile plan to breed bio-weapons, torn between horror and lust. They have a chance to escape, if they can survive the lab... and each other... and their monstrous mates.

[Erotica, monsters, dubcon, cyberpunk.]

Friday, June 12, 2015

Breeding Trials 003

Third chapter is up. ^^


Regine is on top of the world as a lawyer at an extranational corporation, but all her plans are about to to come crashing down. Rivals in the company aim to humiliate her, forcing her into the BangCorps program and putting her up against a bestial minotaur. Regine tells herself she won't bend, but she's never faced anything so powerful and masculine before...

[Erotica, monsters, dubcon, cyberpunk.]

Friday, May 29, 2015

Being the Babysitter

I don't know why I was commissioned to write a completely real world story when most of what I write is pretty odd, but I had fun flipping the usual trope around. Maybe it was that, or maybe my tendency to take crazy fantasies and try to play them "realistic." XD


A hot babysitter, a troubled marriage, a romance fraught with tension... except this story is all about the babysitter. Enjoy a familiar steamy tale from another angle as the babysitter does her best to seduce a distinguished older man...

Friday, May 15, 2015

Breeding Trials 002

Next chapter is up.


Keva is just trying to get by in a dystopian world that has it out for her. She takes a job that she thinks could be her ticket out of the slums... but it turns out to be something much worse. A sinister corporation is breeding women with monsters to produce biological weapons, and they've paired her with a monstrous dragon...

[Erotica, monsters, dubcon, cyberpunk.]

Friday, April 24, 2015

Breeding Trials 001

New series, commissioned by a wonderful fan who will remain semi-anonymous for now!


Elizabeth left campus looking for a good time - and she finds herself facing a monster unlike anything she's seen before! In a complex cyberpunk world, sinister extranational corporations vie to be at the forefront of biological warfare using human women as breeding material for creatures. The corporation may be the real monster, but can Elizabeth find an ally in the lustful beast she's trapped with?

[Erotica, monsters, dubcon, cyberpunk.]

Tuesday, March 31, 2015


If you like my writing and want me to write your exact fantasy, this is the page for you! I'm known for erotica and I'm putting this page up because of erotica commissions, but in theory I'm willing to hear you out on any idea you want written. ^-^

I've mostly written fantasy, science fiction, and horror so far, but I'm perfectly willing to do normal real-world stories provided I think the story concept will work for my writing style. You can see some of the commissions I've already done here:

Sample Commissions
Breeding Trials (and the many sequels)
Being the Babysitter
The Cat in Latex (Literotica | Archive of Our Own |
$20 for each 1000 words (final, not draft)
$40 for each 1000 words if you wish to buy the copyright
Additional fees to be discussed if you want heavy rewrites or something unusual

Unless we know each other, payment happens 50% up front (based on the size of the story you want) and the rest upon completion (the second payment could be smaller or larger based on the final story size after the whole process). In theory there's no upper limit on wordcount, if you want to pay for it. Probably more reasonable to do anything large in installments, though, for both our sakes. ^^

Under normal circumstances, I will wait a while (exact time negotiable) then put the story up online. If you buy the copyright, the story is yours and will never be put online anywhere you don't want.

Why that price?

Writing is hard and slow sometimes. I can generally write 500 words per hour (of finished content). I'd like to do a little better than minimum wage, so I started with the idea of $10/hour. Multiply that out and you get my rate. That's significantly lower than some other writers you'll find, so hopefully I don't come off as pretentious.


If I decide I cannot complete the project, I'll refund you everything the credit card companies didn't take. If you decide to cancel your order before we begin revising, I'll refund based on how much I haven't written.
0% written = 100% refund
25% written = 80% refund
50% written = 60% refund
75% written = 40% refund
100% written = 20% refund

What do you write?

You can see my personal interests in my big projects, but I'm willing to write quite a bit more. The question is what I can write well enough for you to be interested in reading it. ^^

Stories based on established properties are fine, but my familiarity varies. I do a fair bit of gaming, but obviously I can't play everything. I'm a comics reader, but I read more DC than Marvel. I'm pretty well-read in SF/F, but the field is so huge I can't have read everything. My anime/manga habits are a little eclectic, but there's a decent chance I'll be familiar with any given series. I'm not up on a lot of the popular TV shows, so I'm not qualified to write on many of those.

Some fetishes I have nothing against, but don't really understand. I'm happy to try to write them, but I can't say for sure I'll really capture what you like about it. When people have asked for commissions in these categories, I've gone to read other samples in order to inform my writing. I'm also willing to do research if you really want a piece based on some obscure comic or episode, but I'll charge my usual rate for that... if anyone ever chooses that option. I do like obscure stuff, but I don't know if anyone would think that's worth it.

Outside my usual: FxF, BDSM
Things I don't really get: snuff, scat, vore, waterplay
Things I think I write poorly: MxM, bimbofication

Friday, February 27, 2015

Wet Dream Planet: the Complete Series

The complete series in a single volume!


Life on starships leaping between planets can be long and lonely. Just when Minissa thinks she's found a guy worth more than a fling, their mission goes horribly wrong. The planet they're orbiting is filled with raging alpha males and submissive females... and the crew has been infected. As the humans explore a bizarre new planet, they have no choice but to adapt to its laws. Can true love triumph in the midst of such chaotic lust?

[Erotica, science fiction, M/F, aliens, dubcon.]

Friday, February 13, 2015

Wet Dream Planet 8

The thrilling conclusion! For now!


In the thrilling conclusion to the Wet Dream Planet saga, Minissa and Staven have no choice but to fight for their lives and sanity on the planet of insane lust. The conflict between soldiers and natives comes to a head with Staven in the center of the conflict, but Minissa's quest to recover her lab may hold the real key to their escape. But she's been followed by a relentless enemy and time is running out...

[Erotica, science fiction, M/F, dubcon.]

Friday, February 6, 2015

Zombie Wife Collection

The whole story in one collection!


These zombies are hungry for sex, not brains! A loving couple is separated as their city becomes an undead orgy: Devin must struggle to survive and resist temptation, while Alice tries to keep her mind and her love alive as she slowly becomes a zombie. Can their marriage survive even after death? And if it does, can they possibly make it out alive when hordes of zombies, violent gangs, and sinister corporations stand in their way?

[Complete novel, erotica, horror, zombies, M/F, dubcon, multiple partners.]

Friday, January 30, 2015

Wet Dream Planet 7

Almost done!


As the brutal fights between Males begin, Minissa finally sees the perfect chance to reach her lab and create a cure for the lust drugs. But if she does, she won't be able to pretend to submit anymore - or at least she hopes she's been pretending. Across the jungle, Staven gets pulled into the politics of the fights and begins to wonder if there's any way out of the conflict other than playing the same game of dominance.

[Erotica, science fiction, M/F, dubcon.]

Friday, January 23, 2015

Twilit Falls Collection

All the Twilit Falls stories bundled into one easy collection!


Rugged werewolves, vengeful (and lustful) spirits, and tentacle monsters are just a few of the strange creatures you'll find living in Twilit Falls. This is a collection of every steamy story in the series!

[Erotica, urban fantasy, M/F, and oh so many different monsters.]

Friday, January 16, 2015

Wet Dream Planet 6

Alright, back from my break, going to publish things for at least a few more months.


Staven never wanted to be master over a tribe of lusty females and brutal males, but now that's his only chance of survival. Meanwhile, Minissa finds that the fate of herself and her newfound friends is bound to a bloody competition that could condemn her to an even worse master...

[Erotica, science fiction, M/F, dubcon.]