Friday, May 29, 2015

Being the Babysitter

I don't know why I was commissioned to write a completely real world story when most of what I write is pretty odd, but I had fun flipping the usual trope around. Maybe it was that, or maybe my tendency to take crazy fantasies and try to play them "realistic." XD


A hot babysitter, a troubled marriage, a romance fraught with tension... except this story is all about the babysitter. Enjoy a familiar steamy tale from another angle as the babysitter does her best to seduce a distinguished older man...


  1. I will buy it the minute it comes on amazon. I am intrigued to see what you can do with "vanilla" story elements. And I do see a common trait of you liking le "experienced elders" :P

    1. It's finally up everywhere! That took a while, must have been bad timing with the weekend.